Facebook Updates

Quentin has been doing a lot of scarification recently and has uploaded pictures to our Facebook page, as we are working on updating the web site, sorry for any inconvenience. Also don’t forget that Quentin and Iestyn Flye are still looking for clients for some large scale scarification work, they will also be at this years Nepal Tattoo convention....

Karma Collective Guest Spot

Quentin will be doing a guest spot with the wonderful people at Karma Collective in Birmingham, on the 31st August and 1st September. He will be offering a full range of body modifications, including, scarification, magnetic implants, tongue splits, ear reconstruction, elf/pixie ears and much more. All work is by appointment only, so anyone interested, please contact us via here or our facebook page....

NeoMetal Jewellery

We have now just taken delivery of the wonderful push fit jewellery from NeoMetal  jewellery from States, it is absolutely stunning quality. We have a selection of opal and claw set jewelled tops, pop in and check out these wonderful new items, along with our other high quality jewellery....

New York

Quentin has recently been working in Iceland and judging at the Icelandic Tattoo convention,which he thoroughly enjoyed :) i will up load some pictures of his work.Today i have added new pictures to the Black and Grey,colour and tribal album’s,so check them out...