Yearly Archives: 2019

new jewellery coming

We will be ordering some new jewellery form the wonderful LeiRoy fine jewellery in the next week, so anyone interested in a specific pieces, please contact us regarding ordering and prices


body modifications

After Mac "Dr Evil" was forced to plead guilty to 3 charges of GBH, we have been forced to stop doing body mods. Quentin had stopped doing them after his partner sadly passed away, but have left pictures up for purely educational and historical purposes.

If people feel strongly over this situation, then contact your local MP and push for body modifications to be viewed the same as tattooing and piercing and sport, after all it seems ridiculous that...


new jewellery

We have recently taken delivery of lots and lots of new jewellery from the wonderful people at Dysmorphic and a new supplier Tremun from Chile. All of of this jewellery is made from medical grade titanium and we ca anodise it in house should you require

rose gold hammered disk attachment
here is one of the clear cz attachments , anodised rose gold
hammered disk and gem attachment...</div>
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