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ATTENTION PLEASE It has just come to my attention from a client, that they were going to get work done by me at a Guest spot, last April, but luckily had to cancel, i say luckily because….i was never doing that guest spot, or know the people who owned the studio. Now a few years ago, i did often have people contacting me about work done by my "apprentice", these people never were my apprentices, just piercers/"modifiers" using my name. I also had people using my work...

Scarification update

Here is a picture of our good friend Preston from curiosities tattoo shop in Ipswich , the cutting was performed during  Quentin's guest spot there in February. As you an see it is now starting to go white, and really show up [caption id="attachment_4469" align="alignnone" width="300"]cutting over black tattoo work cutting over black tattoo work[/caption]...

Guest Spot at Karma Collective

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Quentin and John had a great time with the wonderful people at KARMA COLLECTIVE in Birmingham. A big thank you to everyone there for making them so welcome, especially Karma Webb. 

Here are a few pictures, of the  karma Collective shop, and some pictures of the work done there.

Karma Collective Guest Spot

Quentin will be doing a guest spot with the wonderful people at Karma Collective in Birmingham, on the 31st August and 1st September. He will be offering a full range of body modifications, including, scarification, magnetic implants, tongue splits, ear reconstruction, elf/pixie ears and much more. All work is by appointment only, so anyone interested, please contact us via here or our facebook page....