We offer you a choice of different coloured titanium rings and bars for the same cost and include a range of high quality options at various price brackets. Please contact us if you don't immediately see what you require, and we can advise you either by phone or in the shop.
As a custom studio all tattoos are priced individually, based on the amount of time they take. We can only tell you how much a tattoo will cost when we know what the design is, how big it is and where it is going on the body. Please feel free to pop into the studio or email us with your ideas or designs. We can then give you a price and amount of time you will need to book in for.

Piercing Price List

All prices include professional piercing, medical grade internally threaded jewellery where available and a full aftercare cleaning kit
Piercing Price List 
Ear Lobefrom £24 (with ring)
from £29 (with stud)
Ear Rim/Helixfrom £26 (with ring)
from £31 (with stud)
Daith, Rook, Scarpa & Tragusfrom £36 (with ring)
from £40 (with bar)
Conchfrom £40
Nose with jewelled studfrom £44
Lip/Labret/Madonnafrom £40
Navel with Jewelled barfrom £44
Nipple with barbellfrom £40
Scaffold with barfrom £50
Surface piercingfrom £50
Eyebrow with barbellfrom £40
Dermal anchors inc jewelled diskfrom £50
2 for £90
Lobe scalpelfrom £60

Genital Piercing Prices

Genital piercing price list for Kalima Emporium
Genital Price List 
Clitoris Hood£70
Inner Labia£65
Outer Labia£65
Prince Albert£70
Reverse Prince Albert£70
Beading (3x beads -8mm)£200